Why Democracy in America Should Be Read

democracy in america

The book, Democracy in America, written by Alexis de Tocqueville, traces the development of democracy in the United States. At the same time, it reveals that it is a complicated story. Besides, it dissects the pathologies of democracy. Its relevance to modern times is high. This is why it should be read.

Although there are many positive aspects of democracy in the US, it has also gone wrong in many other ways. For instance, it has been criticized for promoting inequality and for dividing the world. In addition, it has also acted as a subversive force in other countries. As a result, it has created political chaos and social unrest.

Many Americans have begun to doubt the legitimacy of their government. According to a recent report, only about one-fifth of American adults think that the country’s democratic system is working properly. And only about one-third of Americans think it is a good model for other nations. While this may be a matter of opinion, the fact is that most of the world sees the US as a country in which democracy is not operating as it should.

However, some of the problems with US democracy are due to the country’s system of checks and balances. These systems are designed to protect the people from overreaching power. Unfortunately, the US has lost this important part of its system. Instead, vetoes have become an inherent feature of the American political culture. A veto can block an action by a single person or by the whole body.

Money politics have penetrated the entire administrative process. This has led to a breakdown in the traditional notions of civic involvement in American society. Moreover, media companies have become the dominant players in American society. They have distorted the ability of people to distinguish right from wrong, and have imposed their own narratives on the public.

The media monopolies have also influenced the way people think about politics. They have made democracy in the US more like a political game than a process for ordinary citizens.

The political polarization of the US has been growing over the years. Consequently, the two major parties have become further apart in their agenda. Additionally, white supremacy is still rampant. Thus, it is important for the United States to take more international responsibilities, so that it can contribute to peace and stability in the world.

While American democracy has been praised for its civil rights movement and affirmative action, it is also accused of fostering discrimination against racial minorities. Furthermore, a recent shooting in Capitol Hill has revealed the ugly side of American democracy.

One of the biggest challenges facing the US today is the ongoing debate about whether or not the country is still a democracy. In his book, Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville warned that the US’s democratic system was prone to self-defeating actions. He pointed out that inequalities between men and women were not an inherent right, but rather a contingent result of the political system.