What Does it Mean to Be Free?


Freedom is more than just the right to do what you want, but it’s also the ability to think freely, live without fear and do what you believe in. It’s a powerful concept that is enshrined in our democracy and is the reason why people are willing to risk their lives to fight for it. But what does it really mean? What does it feel like to be free and how does it manifest itself in our everyday lives? Let’s take a look at some of the most common definitions of freedom:

1. Exemption from fate, necessity, or any constraint in consequence of predetermination or otherwise: A famine threatens our freedom to travel abroad. 2. Freedom of action or thought: I am free to believe what I like, but I have to respect other people’s freedoms.

3. The state of being unbound or released from confinement or physical restraint: He won his freedom after a long trial.

4. The absence of external control, interference or regulation: A free society is a place where everyone has freedom of speech.

5. The state of being unencumbered or loose: He has a lot of freedom when it comes to his career.

6. The freedom to choose one’s own path: He is free to follow his conscience and decide what morality he follows.

7. The liberty to act as one wishes without regard for any restrictions: He is free to speak as he pleases.

8. The absence of external control: Freedom is the opposite of slavery.

9. A feeling of being independent: I felt a sense of freedom when I graduated from college.

10. A broader skill set: Freedom is the bulge of freedoms that you gain over time.

For example, when you learn a new language or play an instrument, the freedom of the other actions will force the fence back farther away from your current level. Each new freedom will add to this bulge, and the more skills you gain, the wider the burst of freedom becomes.

In philosophy, freedom has been defined by Immanuel Kant as ‘the autonomy of the will.’ Kant argued that in order to have true freedom, you must be able to make choices based on your own reasons alone – not because of anything outside yourself. This is because in order to have true choice, you must be able to interrupt a chain of necessary causes.

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