What Does Freedom Mean to You?

In its most basic form, freedom means the power to choose or act without immediate limitation imposed by others. Something is free when it is not limited in its current state and is able to change rapidly and easily. In its most ideal form, freedom would mean that whatever you wish to do is the law. However, this is a very abstract concept; the idea of freedom actually has much more to do with personal values, institutions, and social orders.

One of the most important foundations of American freedom is the idea of individual rights. Americans cherish their freedom and have a strong commitment to individual freedom and privacy. Some of the most important ideas in creating a strong American ideal are the beliefs that: Everyone has the right to be respected and nobody should be helpless because of the actions of other individuals. It is the responsibility of each individual to protect themselves from intrusions into their private lives. Freedom helps to ensure that this right to protect self-respect and security in one’s life is never violated. All people are endowed with rights and it is up to each person to defend those rights, both ancient and modern.

The other important aspect of freedom is individual liberty. The basis of individual liberty is the right to choose one’s own path in life. Without the opportunity to pursue self-interest, Americans have developed an insatiable appetite for freedom of enterprise. With a thriving economy and an unmatched level of personal freedom, the American people enjoy an extraordinary degree of economic mobility. Without freedom of choice and the rule of law, prosperity would have little to no chance for upward mobility and the average American would have a relatively worse life than that of the European continent.

Because all Americans have different beliefs and freedoms, the country has adapted unique social structures based on the founding principles of freedom and independence. These values are the cornerstones of American law and way of life. Individual freedom and communal freedom form the bedrock on which modern America stands today. While all Americans share these core freedoms, there are many differences regarding individual rights, the role of government, and the protection of these freedoms.

Many Americans believe strongly that these freedoms are necessary to ensure the strength of the nation and the freedoms that allow them to lead successful lives. The freedoms protected by the constitution are anchored in the ideas that are the pillars of American exceptionalism. Many of the fundamental laws of the United States were born out of the necessity of protecting these cherished freedoms.

As Americans celebrate their rich history of freedom and fight for the freedom of others, they can look to the past to learn about the sacrifices that they made for the freedoms that they cherish. Many of these freedoms have been won for Americans through the blood, sweat and tears of many generations. It is up to us, as a nation, to continue the fight for freedom. In doing so, we will find a greater treasure – a stronger nation.