What Does Freedom Mean to You?


Freedom is a value that has been deeply rooted in society throughout history. It is an ideal that people strive for, and it is something that many have fought for and lost their lives to attain. Freedom means having the power to make your own choices and to live life on your terms. It allows you to express your own opinions and follow your passions. It is also the right to be free from discrimination and to be able to travel and explore new places. Freedom can also be enchanting when it comes to nature and the environment around us.

According to Kant, true freedom is the ability for one to be able to pursue his or her goals without interference from external sources. Freedom requires a degree of self-control and discipline in order to be fully realized. It is also important to remember that freedom does not mean that you can violate the rights of others.

This is especially important to remember in this most unusual of years where we are experiencing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and disruption as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and systemic racism across our nation and beyond. In this unique moment in time, we reached out to our community to find out what the concept of freedom means to them. Their answers are a reminder that freedom is a personal experience and that it can be interpreted differently in each individual’s lifetime.

Many people use the term “freedom” to describe a set of rights, and most of these rights are related to individual liberty. These include freedom of speech — the right to communicate with others as you choose; freedom of association — the right to form or join clubs, societies, trade unions, or political parties with whomever you wish; and freedom of assembly — the right to organize and participate in public meetings or demonstrations. These are some of the most well-known and widely recognized freedoms, and they often feature prominently on flags or on paintings, such as Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms.

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