True Democracy Or Government Policy?

The book by Alexis de Tocqueville, known as American Dictatorship, is an important historical treatise. It examines all the major American Presidential candidates from Lincoln to Kennedy. It concludes that they were all corrupt and unfit for the office, as they were unfit for leading their country. The United States is not a democracy but is instead ruled by a plutocratic elite which controls American society through legalized monopoly money and political cronyism. The United States Constitution does not guarantee a republic rather it guarantees the rule of law as prescribed by the Constitution and Federal laws passed by US legislature.

The most important aspect of democracy is freedom of speech which allows any citizen to criticize any elected official or any government policies. It is not a right, rather a privilege enjoyed by all citizens. As a result many Americans feel that the US system of democracy is nothing more than a lie, as they feel that their freedoms are being eroded by a lying media controlled by corporate America and its political machine. It’s not true, according to Alexis de Tocqueville “The democracy in America has never been much more than a sham; it is no more durable than the fiction of its being.” In other words democracy in America is nothing more than a myth, and like all myths has been hoaxed by its practitioners and by its followers.

If democracy in America is a fiction and government policies are just ways to make life easier for those who own the corporations, then how can it be considered to be a form of government? It can’t, because it is contradictory to both notions. A democracy in America is a representative government, in other words a government which is accountable to the people through an elected legislature and they have the power to remove that government whenever they wish by voting them out of office. A democracy in America is not a plutocratic government, because the concept of democracy means that an entire society lives together with full respect for each individual citizen as an equal.

Policy makers in a democracy set the policies that govern that society, and everyone has the right to question those policy makers. The citizens of a democracy have the right to vote for or against those policy makers and if they are unhappy with the results, they have the right to change those policy makers. So basically, if you are unhappy with the government policies which govern your life, you can vote them out and replace them with others who are happier with the outcome. Of course if the majority of citizens find a problem with the way that their government is run, they have the right to change those policy makers and take back control of their government. And this is the very reason that we have a republic instead of a democracy in America.

Unfortunately, a republic, instead of a democracy, is a system of government where a national government exists which consists of many levels of government. Each level of government has differing policies regarding the citizens of that country. Therefore, you have voting to elect individuals to office at each level of government, but because they all have differing policies concerning the citizens of their country, you end up with a divided government. The checks and balances of a true democracy work because the policy makers are elected based on their performance and how they affect the citizenry of that nation, whereas in a republic if one candidate gets enough support from the voters for example, that person becomes the president of that nation, then no one person has the power to change the government policies.

We see this in our country now, as the Obama Administration has completely rewritten the rules of the game in the executive branch. They have completely changed the rules of the game so that any opposition party must rely on a super PAC, a liberal media, and we have completely bought off the press to tell us what to think. The citizens of our country have lost their ability to make decisions for themselves. This is the exact opposite of a true democracy. Please consider all this.