The Importance of Freedom


Freedom is essential to our society. It helps us enjoy equal opportunity and a better standard of living. It prevents others from infringing upon our rights. Yet, it also comes with responsibility. If we do not protect our freedoms, we will face the consequences. For youth, for example, freedom means the ability to get a job and a decent living. For others, freedom means the ability to pursue scientific advancement and enjoy the benefits of a higher standard of living. Without freedom, a nation is nothing.

Freedom of thought is an essential right for each human being. This freedom includes thoughts and beliefs that can change over time. It is also known as freedom of conscience. It is connected to our ethical and philosophical convictions. It also allows us to choose the principles of our existence. We can choose to follow our own path or follow others’. But, freedom of conscience is difficult to achieve. Humans have a tendency to judge others’ convictions, and people who hold personal convictions are often criticised.

It is important to remember that freedom is not simply the ability to do whatever we want. It is also the freedom to think and act as we choose. This freedom may be limited by the law, but it can be restored through the power of the people. Freedom is not merely about being free from laws, although this can be dangerous. Freedom of speech and religion can be limited by the state, but it also involves the right not to be oppressed. It also requires that we respect and protect the rights of others.

Next, students should make a list of all the freedoms that they are entitled to. After listing the rights and freedoms they are entitled to, they should present their list to the rest of the class. This activity will help students understand and appreciate the importance of the freedoms that they have. In groups, students may discuss the lack of freedom in each tableau.

Freedom is different for everyone. It depends on many factors. According to the Oxford dictionary, freedom is the power to act, speak, and think without restraint. It is the ability to live in a society without being judged, ostracized, or manipulated by others. Further, freedom is a political construct that is based on individual independence.

Everyone has the right to be free to follow their conscience and religion. They are also free to convert their religion if they want. They also have the right to seek an effective remedy in national tribunals for acts that violate their fundamental rights. In addition, they are free to own property on their own and in association with others. No one should be deprived of their property arbitrarily.

Exercise of freedom of speech is another important aspect of a fair and open society. Freedom of speech is often restricted by governments who fear that it might cause harm to their citizens. However, this right is protected under international law.