The Demise Of Democracy In America And The Need For A People’s Revolt

The democracy concept has been developed into a political philosophy by some of the greatest minds of all time. Despotism, Machiavelli, democracy and constitutional government are just some of the many forms of political systems that have developed throughout history. These famous individuals have all argued about the right mix of democracy and monarchy for their respective nations. Some people would argue that there isn’t enough balance between these ideals, and that societies have become too polarized to move toward any form of polarity.

The democracy in America system is one that is currently under discussion. The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S. Bill of Rights all embody the main ideas behind democracy. They describe a country with a government form in which all citizens are allowed to participate and have their say in how that country runs. There are three key elements to this ideal, all of which are necessary for a vibrant democracy. These include freedom, equality, and liberty.

Freedom is necessary for a successful democracy, and is defined by the Declaration of Independence. The United States is not without freedom; however, many feel that it is extremely difficult to exercise this right given the social conditions that prevail in America today. For this reason, they feel that a far better system is necessary to guarantee that everyone is able to exercise their right to vote. For those who believe that American democracy is generally good, it is also important to note that the French have a tradition of democracy which is more decentralized, and has fewer constraints on its citizens than does America.

For those who believe that democracy in America is bad and that a more centralized system is needed to guarantee a level of equality, they should consider the observations of Gustave de Mably. In his book, “Social Problems of Urban Residents”, he discussed the fact that America has a poor performance rating when it comes to economic prosperity. Many citizens of the United States live in extreme poverty. They have relatively weak educational qualifications, and are saddled with high levels of debt. This dearth of personal equality is what makes the political life of America problematic, and has been the cause of much despair and rebellion.

Those who believe that a democratic revolution is inevitable and necessary because of the way the American people are treated by the government, or the lack of fundamental freedoms in the United States, need to look at the way in which the Chinese communist party has gained power. Their system of oppression has kept the people in check, and despite any kind of international observation, the people of China are happy to live in a society where their freedom of speech is protected, and they enjoy overall prosperity. They do not enjoy widespread violence, and yet they seem to have a high level of national happiness despite the fact that freedom of speech is severely restricted, and political crimes are widespread. In short, the Chinese people are not experiencing a ” democracy ” in America – they are experiencing a socialism.

The greatest threat to democracy in America is not a revolution, but rather the continued existence of a form of slavery, known as capitalism, with its ability to create both wealth and vast unearned wealth for a select few. A cursory glance at history would seem to bear this fact out. The capitalists have always needed an obedient masses who have the capacity to produce the goods that they desire. The individuals who have been able to attend to this need have always been seen as backwards, and this group of self-interest politicians we call the politicians. In short, the interests of the slaveholder are always more important than those of the democracy, and the United States, much like any other country, was created by and for the people, and only the people.