The Decline in Public Confidence in Democracy in America

democracy in america

Recent polls show a decline in public confidence in democracy in America. A Wall Street Journal report claims that the general election of 2020 will be the culmination of a two-decade decline in American citizens’ belief in the democratic process. According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey, only 16% of Americans think democracy is working well. Meanwhile, 49% say it is not working at all, and 38% think it is working somewhat. The decline in public confidence in America can be traced to a number of factors.

One cause is that the emergence of a populist president has devalued American democracy. Before the rise of Donald Trump, no president has ever questioned electoral integrity. In fact, he repeatedly hinted during the election that he would not accept the results of an election if he lost, a behavior that began during the Republican primary and continued into the presidential election. Trump won the election, but may well lose the next one.

Democracy in America is a critical study of the American system. It was written after Tocqueville visited the United States for nine months. Tocqueville’s observations became Democracy in America, and his notes were later translated by James Schleifer. A contemporary map of North America is included. Other features include an editor’s introduction, footnotes, and a bibliography. If you haven’t already read Democracy in America, it’s definitely worth a read.

Democracy in America was a necessary step in the development of American society. The industrialization of the country made it possible to organize civil affairs and utilize the country’s natural resources. The industrial process synchronized with the development of democracy. Since the first quarter of the seventeenth century, principles of government have been applied to the American system. And it’s still a working democracy. If you want to learn more about democracy, read the following articles:

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the fragility of the US democratic system. While the country is famous for its medical system, the poor are left out. This system of healthcare has made the US fall behind due to social injustice. Even more shocking, the rich enjoy the benefits of the health system while the poor are left without social security. It has also become impossible for Americans to manage a crisis in their democracy. This is a tragic result of the American-style democracy.

Another reason for US meddling in foreign politics is the aforementioned threat to world peace and social tranquility. The US’s attempts to export democracy to other countries violate core democratic values. They undermine international peace and have undermined the peace and social tranquility of many countries. So, it is imperative to examine the state of democracy in the US in this context. In addition, the US should do some soul-searching to determine whether the current system is truly representative of democracy.

The US media system has become the fourth branch of government and journalists are essentially the uncrowned kings of it. While media organizations claim to be independent of politics, they are actually dominated by party politics and financial interests. This has led to a polarization in US politics and increased the number of populists. Moreover, the US media system has been a major reason for the recent rise of extremist ideologies.