Focus on Your Goals With the Freedom App


Freedom is the ennobling quality that allows people to be the best versions of themselves. It is not just something that can be measured with a vote or walking out of prison; it can also be found in many things, such as the ability to choose one’s work, where one lives, and what they believe. Freedom is a human right that should be protected by society.

However, true freedom is not simply the freedom to do whatever one wants – this would be dangerously close to complete anarchy. Rather, it is a more complicated idea that includes being able to do whatever you want, but only until you start to hurt others. Freedom is shaped by the ‘horizontal duties’ that each person owes to other individuals and the community as a whole (Knox, 2018). If a person’s choice will cause harm to other members of their society, it is their duty not to do it.

In this context, freedom means that each person is free to pursue their own goals while respecting the rights and responsibilities of others. This is the foundation of any successful democratic society. However, it is a concept that is easily distorted, which is why it needs constant vigilance.

A person who does not have a good sense of what is important in life may lose sight of the value of freedom and be consumed by a desire for gratification and pleasure. The only way to avoid this is to focus on the goal of being a good person, which requires self-control and restraint.

For people who struggle with these problems, there are a few tools they can use to help them stay focused and productive. One of these tools is the Freedom app, which helps users block distracting websites and apps on their computers or mobile devices so they can concentrate on their work.

To set up a blocking session with the Freedom app, you can either use their pre-defined list of common distractions such as news or social media, or create your own custom list of sites you find particularly distracting. Then, select the start date and time for your block to begin and choose which devices it will apply to. Once it is activated, the website and app blocks will be in place until the end of the blocked period.

The Freedom app is available for desktop computers running Windows and macOS, as well as mobile devices running Android and iOS. It is easy to install and works quickly once it has been configured. It will run in the background so you can still access all your other apps and features, but it will prevent you from accessing websites and apps that you have blocked until your block session ends.

Although the Freedom app is paid, it comes with a generous seven-use trial that gives you seven free blocking sessions. These are enough to give you an idea of whether or not the tool is worth the price. You can then decide to either pay on a monthly basis, or purchase the annual plan and save around 30%.