A Classic French Text on Democracy in America

democracy in america

A classic French text on the state of democracy in America is De La Démocratie en Amérique. Translated literally as On Democracy in America, it was written by Alexis de Tocqueville. The official English translations simply call it Democracy in America. Regardless of the precise meaning of the French title, it is an important read and deserves a wide audience. Here are the key points of this work.

The first point to consider is how the concept of democracy was developed in America. It traces its roots back to Roman, Celtic, and Teutonic ideas, and evolved through a series of political adjustments. Franklin frequently speaks of the need for a political adjustment. It is practical, as it is the other half of the apple of civil discord. It is a necessary process for democratic governance. But it is not without its problems.

According to Tocqueville, a great part of democracy lies in its ability to overcome societal inequalities. He noted that the new American democracy had been a constant struggle against the inequalities of European societies. Eventually, Tocqueville believed, democracy would bring about the equality of sexes in society. Tocqueville also predicted that the United States and Russia would emerge as rival superpowers, as the industrial aristocracy spreads.

But it’s not just our country that suffers from a lack of democracy. A recent Pew survey conducted among adults in 16 advanced economies and 2,500 adults in the US found that the majority of Americans don’t see their democracy as a good example for the rest of the world. Furthermore, 67% of Americans think democracy in the US is not functioning very well. If this trend continues, then the future of democratic governments in the US might be very dim.

A classic French text on the American democratic system, Democracy in America is the ideal text for anyone who wants to learn more about the American political system. Written in 1835, it explains how democracy works in the U.S. as it evolved from the earliest days of the country’s founding. This book is available in bookstores and online. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what made America such an exceptional nation.

Tocqueville and Beaumont studied American society for nine months in 1831. They later wrote a book about the penitentiary system. They also wrote another book about America’s race problems, called Marie. These two books helped Tocqueville’s understanding of democracy in America. But, while these are not ‘factual’ books, they are an important source for understanding American society. This book should be read by all students, as it reflects a snapshot of American society.

Tocqueville predicted a major dilemma for the American democracy. In time, privileged Americans might attempt to limit their political and social privileges. As a result, their opponents would organise to point out that such privileges were not natural and were an embarrassment to the democratic system. The basic function of democracy is to inspire passion for equality. The book is a classic of American studies. There is no better time than now to read this book.